volunteer induction

Volunteers are a vital part of Parkinson's UK. The volunteer induction includes everything you need to know about volunteering with Parkinson's UK.

Whether you're volunteering at a one-off event or something longer-term, the quizzes, videos and scenarios in this induction will explain: 

  • what we do and what Parkinson's is
  • the support on offer to volunteers
  • the policies and practicalities of volunteering

For questions or feedback, get in touch [email protected]

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Welcome from Frank and Suzanne

Meet Parkinson's UK volunteers Frank and Suzanne in this short video. 

Want to work through the induction offline? You can download it as a PDF

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Parkinson's UK Volunteer Induction (PDF, 5.9MB)

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Find a volunteer role for you

From cheering on our marathon runners to running a local group, there are so many ways you can volunteer. Join us today!

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