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Get inspired: campaigning success stories

Protecting Attendance Allowance

In January 2017 the Government agreed not to devolve responsibility for Attendance Allowance to local councils in England. We had been campaigning for this since the summer of 2016, with our Campaigns Network members sending over 800 emails to their local decision-makers.

Attendance Allowance is a disability benefit that supports 36,000 older people with Parkinson's. If the Government's proposal had been implemented, these people would have faced a postcode lottery and may have lost out on access to vital support.

Parkinson's UK campaigning outside Parliament - stopping cuts to PIP

In March 2016 the Government scrapped plans to make Personal Independence Payments harder to claim following sustained campaigning from our supporters on the need for proper financial support.

Thousands of people in the UK would have lost up to £3,500 if these changes had gone ahead.

Keeping local Parkinson's services in Northern Scotland

Over 200 people in Moray, Northern Scotland, were left without any local access to a Parkinson's consultant or specialist nurse.

But our local campaigners worked with Members of the Scottish Parliament to secure a temporary doctor with experience of Parkinson's. A replacement Parkinson's nurse is also being recruited.

We'll keep working to make sure Parkinson's services in Moray are fit for the long term.

Getting Duodopa funded in England

In July 2015 NHS England agreed to fund Duodopa - a drug that can help control Parkinson's symptoms in cases where all other oral medications have stopped working. 

80% of all MPs were contacted by our campaigners to urge NHS England to see sense.

For those eligible it can be life-changing, as it administers dopamine continuously to control symptoms.

Pushing to keep prescriptions free in Northern Ireland

Alongside the Prescription Charges Coalition and Long Term Conditions Alliance in Northern Ireland we kept prescriptions free in 2015.

Our members attended an event at Stormont to lobby politicians to ensure the voices of people with Parkinson's were heard by each political party.

Now, people with Parkinson's can continue to be free from the financial burden of prescription charges.

Securing a DBS centre for people in Scotland

The Scottish Government committed to establishing a single Scottish centre for deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery in Glasgow by Autumn 2016.

People in the North and East of Scotland will now have access to DBS and won't have to travel to England for assessments, surgery and follow up care.

Defending vital animal research

In June 2015 The European Commission officially rejected a petition to impose a ban on all animal research within the EU.

Our campaigners throughout the UK told their MEPs how vital animal research has been to Parkinson's research.

It's led to increased knowledge of the condition and treatments like deep brain stimulation.

Challenging duodopa decision in Scotland

Duodopa can now be prescribed in Scotland without delay.

Thanks to our supporters sharing their experiences of long delays, in June 2016 we were able to reverse the SMC's previous decision to not routinely fund the medication.

Although only a small number of people are eligible for Duodopa it can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

Fighting for Parkinson's nurse posts

People with Parkinson's now have access to Parkinson's nurses in East Lancashire, East Surrey and West Surrey.

Since 2014, thousands of campaigners have signed petitions, written to MPs and met their Clinical Commissioning Groups to push for crucial nurses.

With specialist experience, knowledge and skills, Parkinson's nurses are a lifeline for people throughout the UK.

Securing funds to improve hospital care in Scotland

In 2015 the Scottish Government agreed to fund a project to make sure people with Parkinson's get their medication on time, every time, in hospital.

Our campaigners shared their experiences of getting Parkinson's medication in hospital. This was key to educating the Ministers about this issue and them arriving at this agreement.

Parkinson's UK in Parliament

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