Get It On Time

We're campaigning to make sure that everyone in a care home or hospital gets their medication on time - every time.

If people with Parkinson's don't get their medication on time it can seriously impact their health. They may not be able to move, get out of bed or walk. Some people may never recover and may permanently lose their ability to walk, talk or worse.

"I felt myself starting to lose control and struggle with my symptoms – it was bad enough having the pneumonia but when my Parkinson's symptoms got worse it was the last thing I needed. If you haven’t got your drugs inside you it's difficult to do even the most basic things and I couldn't even pour myself a glass of water."
- Phil Wakerdine

Why it's so important to get Parkinson's medication on time

In this video, people with Parkinson's and their carers talk about why it's important to get medication on time, and their experiences in hospitals.

Why it's important to get Parkinson's medication on time
Ronnie taking his medication

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